Lilli Babb

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Suds! The Rockin 60s Musical "But Lilli Babb steals the show as Cindy. Not only a wonderful vocalist, she has a sweet comic charisma like a young Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz."
Syracuse New Times: "Lilli Babb manages to make Cindy’s innocence more appealing than cloying, even when her character’s head is stuck in the washer."

Hello My Baby
Variety: "Elegant and a mellow way with a tune."
Stage Scene LA: "Babb shows off a sweet soprano as Alice."

Simi Valley Acorn: "Babb is appealing as Ariel, the hometown girl who’s running around with local juvenile delinquent Chuck Cranston."

Les Miserables
Moorpark Patch: "And then there was Lilli Babb, who gave a heartbreaking performance as hopelessly love-struck Éponine. Babb appeared to have the most accomplished voice quality of the female cast members, consistently holding her tones throughout and shining brightly on her solo 'On My Own.'"